Bring your brand and business to life.

Bring your brand and
business to life.

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Future is Knocking

The metaverse is making its entry. While others contemplate, you can be the market leader and trendsetter. The best-in-class metaverse event platform from Mayatmaj lets you act with flexibility, freedom, and ease in the Metaverse. Utilize this technology to launch and promote products, hold conferences, training, seminars, live concerts, live visuals, and 360 VR experiences.

1.  High return on investment

2.  New & wider audience

3.  A world-class experience

4.  Live and pre-recorded streaming

Virtual and Hybrid features

Complete design freedom

Full environmental control

Real-Time Iteration

Seeing the finished product in real-time

Realtime Keying

Virtual keynote integration


Attract attention with a video

You need social media video marketing if you want to increase exposure
and conversions online People find social videos memorable and engaging unlike any other type of content

1.  Increase brand awareness

2.  Boost website traffic

3.  Faster and easier content distribution

4.  Regular interaction with the target audience

5.  Industry, marketplace, and competitor insights

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